We have been top quality dog breeders for 21 plus years. 
Our goal has always been to produce superior dogs based 
on the AKC standard for the breed. During our years 
of dog breeding, we have earned an excellent reputation 
and have provided pups to several individuals of celebrity status.

We take pride in our ability to produce sound dogs with great temperaments and
also in our reputation to treat all of our clients with the dignity they deserve.

Having earned a top notch reputation for the way we breed and raise dogs, and also the respect and courtesy we give our clients, people continue to share our site and information for years and years.

Our Frenchies are raised in our home. We have designated a separate room for them for spending the night time and on some other occaissions when we are not around to supervise them and keep them safe from their curious natures.

On beautiful days, we have a screened in porch with an attached yard for them to run and play should we not be out in the yard with them. Since we live in the country, this keeps them safe from wildlife such as coyotes when we are not in the yard with them. If we are not at home, then their only option is to be inside in their special room. We guard our babies as we do our human children.

Pictures of our Frenchies

Below are some shots we have taken of our Frenchie Family. 

Puppies Availability

Pups are here!

Marie blessed us with 4 lovely pups

on July 6th 2018.

We are taking deposits on the pups now! The security deposit is $300.00 . We have 2 beautiful males 

available for adoption.  The others were 

reserved prior to their birth. 

These pups are $2500.00 and we guarantee the health of each pup. All pups leave us with up to date shots, weekly wormings, and are microchipped.

This is one of our female pups. This is just an example of the quality of our pups.

This is a fine example of one of our male pups. 

Another little female pup.




Claire had 7 pups on November 12,  2017!

Female #1 is almost completely white with a tan spot on her head, a tan diamond shape on her lower back, and a tan circular spot at the base of her tale. 

Female #2 has been sold!

Female #3 has been sold!

Female #5 has half her face black, 

and half her face white! So different

from all the others!

Female #4 is as unique as all the others.  She has black circles inside of brown cirlcles around each eye.  She has one teardrop brown spot on her back close to the base of her tail and her tail is outlined in brown. 

Male # 1 has a black mask that does not cross the bridge of his nose. His body has several random black spots on it. He is gorgeous and has a real square head.

Male #2 has black circles inside

of brown circles around each eye.  

His body actually looks like he is

polka dotted with brown polka dots

outlined with black.  He is awesome!



Testimonial from our client

Topdawg Frenchie's are amazing!

We have had prior experience with the 

owner, Cindy, in previous years!

She is a delight to do business 

with and you can be 

guaranteed she will make sure

your pup is exactly what you 

are looking for in a new family member. 

Donna Maxwell, Pearl River, La. 

Testimonial from our client

Words can't express the appreciation

we have for the top notch 

service provided to us by Topdawg Frenchies!

All was on the up and up and we were 

able to get the pup of our dreams at

an affordable price to us! In fact, we

are now looking into getting a 2nd pup.

We highly recommend these people!

Jesse Stephenson, Metaire, La. 

Testimonial from our client

Such a pleasurable experience!

I have had many interactions through 

the years with hobby breeders and


Cindy has gone above and beyond

my expectations! So blessed to 

have found her!

Oh and my new puppy is the 

delight of my life!

Tabitha Cochran, Willis, Texas


We can be contacted through our house phone 601 799 4440.  Just leave a voice message and we 

will return your call.  Or you can text or call our cell 601 337 3120.  And if you prefer you can email us

at cacarrick7722@gmail.com. 

Visitors with appointments are welcome!